Oragen Group are the gatekeeper to greener investments, for the planet and our people.

For many within the vertical farming industry, their practices and technology form their only point of difference to traditional agriculture.

For Oragen Group, it is the knowledge and experience  of our people combined with our technology as an enabler to produce the ‘perfect plant’, the key to longevity and a positive return.

The consistency and quality of our farm output forms the basis of strong relationships with our food retail partners now, and will in future with Pharmaceutical and Health & Beauty sectors.

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The Field

  • Oragen Group is an organisation with enormous potential for growth.
  • Multi-million pound investment to date in equipment and technology, controlled growing environments and process optimisation.
  • Seeking investment (series B) to build our fifth generation production facility and unlock the growth opportunity in three target sectors.
  • A proven business model with an industry-leading track record of consistently delivering premium, fresh plant products to national retailers such as M&S.




Premium Fresh Food


Health & Beauty

Total addressable market

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