About Us

Oragen Group specialises in

Clean, pathogen-free top-tier salad, designed in collaboration with our customers, with complex and exciting ingredients that are ready-to-eat.

We predict a future where our CEA technology and farms can create an environment for rare and difficult to grow plants with high concentrations of potent therapeutic agents.

There is a market for natural plants and compounds, free of agricultural and environmental pollutants and contaminants, for use in health & beauty products.

Our Journey

Growing perfect plants for food retail since 2016

Premium salad product currently available in over 80 stores

Over 200,000 retail units supplied to date, with products from our B2C brand ‘Perfectly Fresh!’

Watercress for over 3 million sandwiches supplied to a leading sandwich manufacturer, feeding consumers across the UK

In development of our 5th generation technology

Building our next
high-tech production facility