sorrel leaves in high care growing environment

What Does High Care Mean?

High care means to create a truly pathogen-free growing environment, ensuring produce is always protected. Managing this requires control and risk-mitigation at every opportunity. 

Due to our state-of-the-art production facilities and the processes that have been put in place to eliminate risks, our unique, highly protected growing environment guarantees zero pathogens. 

Creating a High Care Environment 

High care starts upon entry into the farm, due to strict ‘clean zones’ and effective hygiene regulations. Each of our expert team change into fresh, clean clothing, and put on a hair net before entering the clean zone. Once there, they will put on a specially designed head-to-toe protective suit and clean shoes. 

Our commitment to safety goes beyond good hygiene. Admission into the farm is also protected, with the entrance involving an airtight holding area to ensure the farm doesn’t have direct contact with the outside air.  

Protected From Seed to Harvest 

Furthermore, every growing process, from seed to harvest, is carefully risk-managed to ensure a pathogen-free environment. 

Seeds are first cleaned before being planted within a carefully crafted fibre substrate. This substrate then lies within growing trays filled with filtered water. To create the ideal atmosphere, filtered air is gently blown throughout the environment.  

When fully grown, the leaves are harvested and packaged within the controlled environment, ready for distribution. This product is then transported from farm to shelves within 36 hours.  

As a result, our knowledgeable team deliver a ‘ready-to-eat’, ‘no-need-to-wash’ assurance on our salads, providing high-quality and better-tasting produce. 

Why Our Farms Follow High Care 

Conventional salad production involves chemical washes to remove dirt, harmful bacteria, and other unwanted substances. This process involves wetting the leaves, which vastly reduces the produce shelf life. 

By removing the need to wash the leaves, our method almost triples the products’ shelf life. Not only does this enhance the consumer experience, but it helps towards reducing waste too.  

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