Why CEA is Important in Producing Reliable Plants for Pharmaceuticals

Why CEA is Important in Producing Reliable Plants for Pharmaceuticals

Use of Plants in Pharmaceuticals

The use of natural products in medicine is evident throughout human history with significant documentation demonstrating the critical role played by natural products, in modern drug developments. [1]

Despite synthetic products being popular in modern medicines due to the lower production cost, time effectiveness and managed quality control, their safety and efficacy is still questioned, which results in a higher dependence on natural products. [1] 

The demand for plant-based ingredients has seen substantial growth in recent years with the global plant-based biologics market forecast growth at a rate of 6% annually, since 2018.” – Research Dive 2020

One of the bigger challenges with natural products is ensuring quality control and standardisation, whilst keeping production cost-effective.

Plants Grown in Specific Conditions Can Help When Creating Pharmaceuticals for Specific Diseases

In Wales, daffodils are grown 1,00 feet above sea level as they produce more galantamine at this altitude. This compound is important as it has been shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Once harvested, the daffodils are processed and supplied to pharmaceutical companies. The team at Agroceutical Products produce 20 kilos of galantamine per year, which equates to helping over 9,000 Alzheimer’s patients across the world.[2]

The production of this specific daffodil is limited to that particular area and season. Natural sources of galantamine from wildflowers can be limited and unreliable, and synthetic sources are costly. [3]

This example explains the need for control within farms to create that 'perfect plant', and the wide-reaching impact AgriTech solutions can have.

Use of CEA in Growing Plants for Pharmaceuticals

This is where Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) has its advantages.

Developing controlled environments within indoor farms enables growers to create tailored growing conditions and climates, year-round. This is especially important for plants that require very specific temperatures or lighting conditions, as well as for those natively grown in other countries.

Harnessing both science and technology, CEA has the ability to create niche growing environments to replicate the natural world. Whether it’s a particular temperature, humidity level or precise lighting conditions, indoor farms ensure the environment stays within the ideal conditions for specific plants at all times.

This allows for the production of reliable and consistent plants year-round, opening up the possibilities within farming plants for pharmaceutical production - an industry where the quality and safety of the ingredients used is paramount.

Pharmaceuticals at Oragen Group

Our farms offer uncompromising standards of quality assurance and a transparent supply chain. Our understanding of regulatory restrictions ensures our plants comply with even the most stringent specifications, alongside our high care facilities to guarantee consistency in every ingredient.

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